Re: Error COOD1199

"JNeff" wrote:

Cal Bear, maybe you can help me, too. I get the same error code when I ask
Media Player to play a file with a ".email" extension. I'm running Vista,
with the latest (presumably) Media Player. I've tried opening in "Windows
Mail" and in "Outlook." On my old XP machine I used Outlook Express, and
could never open .email files. I have a handful of correspondents that open
.email files, no problem. I've tried several methods suggested in MS
articles. (One suggested I save as ".eml" file, but I don't know how to do
that.) Technologically impaired...Thanks

"Cal Bear '66" wrote:

Great, and you're welcome.

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"Hayles" <Hayles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks heaps all working now!!!

"Cal Bear '66" wrote:

What camera?

What format does the camera use to record videos (the last three letters in
file name after the dot )?

If it is .MOV, then it is a QuickTime file and you need to install QuickTime
from QuickTime files do not playback in Windows Media Player.

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"Hayles" <Hayles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have vista home premium with windows media player and when i try to play
videos from my digital cam it keeps saying it doesnt support this file and
get error code cood1199. My camera doesnt have sound on it is that why?? I
new to computers so if anyone can help that would be great!!!