RE: Sony Video Camera will not run on vista, help please?

many apologies if this question has been well-answered in this thread. I
couldn't find an answer that made sense to me while trying to wade through
all the words.

Again, apologies.

I have a DCR-TRV27 Sony Handycam which I bought used. The guy didn't give me
any cables or software or guides. I've managed to download a guide & then
looked for the right software to download images to my computer.

I was ready to buy a piece of software but was unsure which cable to buy, so
I phoned Sony. The tech there said Windows Movie Maker would be fine to use
for this offloading purpose. She told me which cable to buy--the "IEEE 1394
connection or a USB 2.0 connection," as is noted in Windows Help.

So I got the cable she & Microsoft recommended & have been trying since
yesterday to download images. I get an error messages telling me my USB
device is not recognized. So of course, the drive with the camera on it is
not recognized. I can't install/connect it manually because there's no option
I can find. I look under "imaging devices" & then "Sony," but get no love

So, I have the camera & the cable & the Windows MM, but am stuck, even after
going through a few scenarios in Vista Home Premium's help & support stuff.

I have connected it, then turned my computer off & back on, & other lowtech
things I've seen suggested here. I do not to my knowledge have Firewire
capability. I say this based on looking at the fitting, which is different
than any fitting I have on my HP Pavilion laptop. I'm stumped.

Can anyone help me?