Re: Reduce mp4 video to smaller file?

Thanks, John, it seems to work - I had to convert the mp4 to mpg using WinFF and then export the movie with Windows Movie Maker - the process reduced the movie from 130 MB to less than 3 MB, but though the view in the player is small, it works!

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Phil Rhodes wrote:
I have an 8 minute mp4 video, which is 130 MB, that I want to make
smaller, and I don't care if the video image is smaller, so that I
can email the video and the reciever can play it on Windows Media
Player. I receive videos from friends, and when I play them in
Windows Media Player, the video is small, so I know there is a way...
Also on YouTube the video is small, and some of them run 9 minutes or
so, but how is it done?
An alternative to e-mail would be to upload the file to
the following site and send your recipients the download link.

"SendSpace"'s something you could try.

Import the file into Movie Maker...if it won't import...rename
it from .mp4 to .mpg and try to import it. If it makes it...drag
it to the timeline and Publish it for e-mail and the file size
will be reduced drastically.

In the following article see the section : 'To send a movie as
an e-mail attachment in an e-mail message'

Windows Vista -
Publish a movie in
Windows Movie Maker


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