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Thank 'Pavtube DVD Ripper' ( for
giving me a chance to retrospect the classic movies on my portable iPod.
Now I can easily feel the Scarlett's big determination of "tomorrow is
another day"; now I can sweetly see Bergman's graceful face in
<<Casabalaca>> and excitedly hear "I fall in love with you..."; now I
can understand sometimes why we need a hero in <<On the waterfront>> and
enjoy every detail of Marlon Brando's performance, to see why he was, is
and will be the so-called genius actor; now I can imagine what a man
should own in <<raging bull>> and see how Robert De Niro gives us what
we should learn from him and what we must not learn from him; now I can
know why Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise in <<Top Gun>> and feel how our breath
can be taken away; now I can understand we can sacrifice everything for
freedom in <<Brave Heart>> and immerse ourselves into the beautiful
grassland in Scotland, tottally falling in love with light music; and
now I can even see the basketball match and enjoy the God Michael
Jordan's beautiful movement of Slam Dunk. Wow, with lowest price, I
really get much. Thank 'Pavtube DVD Ripper'


'DVD Ripper' (
Life's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.
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