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Hello John,
A.) My apology. I have misinformed you. My problems are :
1. Music starts when e-mail is opened.
2. Music STOPs when attachment is opened.
B.) I was the recipient. The " read all messages in plain text " was un-checked..........still is.
Friend of mine sent me a picture attachment of Chinese New Year. The picture was her drawing, and the music was from Zamfir. I opened the attachment and music started. I thought it was neat. So I explored the method, but I am stumped at the attachment part.
I need the music to start ONLY when attachment is opened. Thank you.

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t-4-2 wrote:
Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP1, Windows Live Mail 14 v.

I know how to insert background music on an e-mail, but
I can not figure out how to make it as a background music when and
ONLY when the attachment is opened.
NOTE : I do not want to convert the music to .wav format. It takes
too long and it does not work if the music is too long.
What I have be doing is this :
Open compose window > Format > Background > Sound > browse to music
folder, pick my choice > Open, choose # of times or continuously > OK
My problem is : as soon as the e-mail is opened by the recipient,
music starts. It does not wait for attachment to be opened.
What steps have I missed ? Thank you.
If your recipient has certain
their e-mail program the music will play.

To stop it from playing when the message
is opened...the recipient would have to
check the box...
'Read All Messages In Plain Text'

Best bet...don't include music in e-mail.

If you feel you must include music...use
.midi files because of their very small file


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