Re: WMM 6.0 won't work with .avi

RyaAndersen wrote:
Okay, i have tried and tried and still can't get this :eek: thing to

What i am trying to do:
Split up a vid i made using a camcorder. The original format of the
vid is mpeg-4, BUT i used a converter and made it a .avi.

What i have done:
I used said converter to make mpeg-4 file a .avi file. It is readable
by windows media player (same as the mpeg-4 file was). Before when the
file was mpeg-4, windows movie maker wouldn't even recognize the file
as anything (when i tried to import it). I tried forcing it into movie
maker and only sound would play. Now that i have the AVI version, it
recognizes it through the import but still does not play video.
I have also downloaded codecs and codec packets and everything. I can
get other .avi vids to work with it, just not the ones i converted.

If you don't wish to read the jibberish above, Basically:
mpeg-4 converted to .avi will not run right in windows movie maker.
Downloaded codecs, still didn't work.

Also, if my problem is the converter, any suggestions on a real good
free download converter would make my day.
No guarantees but...the free Quick Media
Converter may be worth a try:

Quick Media Converter
(may the .wmv format would be a good choice)

Open the program.

Drag / Drop the video file into the program

Click the WMV icon on the tool bar

Choose...Windows Media Player format .wmv (custom resize)

Click...Start Conversion button

Good luck...


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