Re: video quality on MCE extender

I know the video is not involved with playing TV on the extender as all of the decoding is done on the extender I am not sure about other video files but I suspect that the system video card is not involved with all of them but maybe with some of them depending on the actual file type

"Davidb" <Davidb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:973C22F5-936B-440A-BDA4-F7B4B8F19C06@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The video seems better when I use media player on my PC. I am using a LAN to
connect the two. I have full bandwidth. I just was wondering if the video
card makes is even used when streaming to an extender. I don't think it
should but I am unsure.

"Curious" wrote:

Do you have the same problem when watching the same video on your PC if not
then the PC video card has nothing to do with your extender PQ.
Is either you PC or your Extender connected with wireless? If so then it
appears that you have a wireless bandwidth problem?

"Davidb" <Davidb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Would changing the video card on my pc improve the quality of video on > my
> extender. I get pixelation on skin and some motion drag when I am > watching
> my
> videos through my 360.


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