Widescreen / Vista

I have looked for any solutions on the site for my problem and could not
find what I was looking for that is why I am posting this message

1. I am using a DVD Shrink or AVS Cutter to get home movies and other
content from dvd to computer.

2. The preview on DVD Shrink shows 4:3 Ratio. When extracting certain
content it shows preview at 16:9

3. I play VOB file or mpeg file on media player at only 4:3

My question is: How do I fix the aspect ratio on my system in order to
edit videos at 16:9? I can not view 16:9 on any video I play, even
directly from dvd player to view dvd's. Media player only shows 4:3
aspect Ratio?

I am running 64 bit Operating system On a 22 Inch Widescreen HDMI. I
need to edit videos in Power Director or Movie Maker and it also shows
videos in 4:3 Ratio. In Power Director I can change aspect ratio only
by stretching it or Cropping video. In windows Movie Maker only shows
4:3 As well.