Re: Can't load WMV files into Movie Maker, can anyone help?

Popeye33 wrote:
Thanks John .... Firstly I copy the video onto a CD then I am using
'IMToo DVD to WMV converter' to change it into a WMV file.

What's interesting is on Vesta it would only show one chapter so I
went back to my other laptop which has Windows XP and all the
chapters came up, perhaps it's something to do with Vesta?

Cheers Pops
I'm not familiar with the software you are using...
are you saying you began by Ripping a DVD?

Why did you copy it to a "CD"?

What is the exact task you are trying to perform?
Are you trying to import clips from a DVD into
Movie Maker?

I think posting more details might help you find
a solution.


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