Re: Error code 80070052 when copying photos

The problem everyone is having is simple: The "Root" directory can only
hold a set number of files. (this goes back to the DOS operatering
System) Once the root directory is full then create another directory
and copy the rest of your pictures into this directory.

Note: if you are using the SD card in a photo frame then the pictures
in the root directory will be shown first then the pictures in other

Alvin Videtto

Liz;1072873 Wrote:
Miriam hi
I have this problem too but could not see Hazlenut's message
Can you help?

"Miriam" wrote:

WOW. Thanks, Hazelnut, for the answer to John's problem as it was my
problem as well. Now I have unlimited use of the 2G SD card that had
only accepted 309 items. Really great when a simple solution is



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