Re: Windows Media Player 11 won't play DVDs

"okedoke1234" <okedoke1234.3lo7fb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have no clue why I have all those filters installed. I did not go out
and do it myself as I wouldn't know how to do it. I'm not an IT guy.

My video card is NVIDIA GE Force 7300 LE with driver version dated 9/17/2007. Tried to update driver and it says I have
the most up to date version.

To update my previous message, I have the EXACT nVidia and driver setup as
you, and can't play DVDs except for the colored, blocky, pixilated video. I
did, however, install the latest VLC DVD player today, and it works great.
That in itself proves it's not a "video" problem.

It's probably a codecs problem, but how in hell does anyone know how to deal
with that!