Re: Media Player 11 (Vista x64) won't play DVDs

I have the same problem. My Vista Ultimate x64 will not play DVD's in
Media Center OR Media Player. VLC will play DVD's- No problem!

I thought it might be the video card so I changed it-No change.
Performed all updates-No Change
Did a clean install-No Change
Tried a different monitor-No Change

Asus P5Q-EM
Intel E8400 3Ghz Core 2 Duo
4GB ram (2 sticks total) Corsair memory
Vista X64 Ultimate

Before the clean install I also tried different codec packs and the
Nvidia PureVideo decoder also with No Change

Media Player gives the same error as this thread while Media Center
says it Can play the DVD due to the DVD being in use by another program,
the resolution being wrong or the output not possibly being compatable.

The DVD player is not being used, the resolution is 1024X768 and the
output is VGA (analog).

A further interesting phenomenon is that if I play the DVD using VLC
media player, THEN Media Center will play the DVD but the video will be
broken and very choppy and very delayed while the sound goes smooth.
Something is very wrong.

I also tried resetting the DRM and did so successfully but also No
Change in behavior.

I'm not sure what else I can do. Can you (or anyone) offer some help or
suggestions going forward?

I appreciate any help and thanks,



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