Re: Roxio Creator 9

Thanks for the reply John.

I have Vista Business with Sp1.
My video is a NAVIDA GeForce 6600 and is as up to date as possible.
The system does meet all the requirements.
The DVD drive is a Matshita 831S with the latest Microsoft drivers.


"John Inzer" <oobie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:#AjFRoBcJHA.2132@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Peter wrote:
I have Roxio Creator 9 (which works fine on my desktop XP machine) on
my Vista Sp1 laptop and cannot use Cineplayer. After the flash screen
shows for several seconds I get "Cineplayer has stopped working" and
a second message asking to close the program. I did a clean install
(twice) and all other Creator applications work as expected. I have
not been able to find help on the Roxio forums.

Just wondering which version of Vista you are running?

Have you tried updating your video driver?

Does your system meet or exceed all the requirements?

System Requirements for Easy Media Creator 9


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