Re: Want to re-order pictures in a folder

FastFreddy;770991 Wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions John. I tried your first bit of advice about
renaming in Vista folder, as it would be all that I need. However, I
ran into some interesting behavior. The renaming of a group of files
ordered to my preference (and with your instructions) resulted in the
following: The file at the END of the list received the number I
placed between the parentheses (say the number 1001). The other files
in the list received numbers starting with 2 and running sequentially
from there. Note, the files themselves did not change position in the
listing of thumbnails. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Btw, it seems that the ONLY way I can rearrange the ordering of files
in a folder is to do it from the thumbs viewing - if I view from a list
or detailed list, the system automatically orders these alphabetically
by filename.

Update on 6Jan,

I think I figured out the problem I had while trying your suggestion
for renaming. One needs to take care when doing the bulk sequenced
renaming that the "outlined" image is indeed the first image in the
folder. If you start by selecting the top image, hold the shift key
down and left click the bottom image, you will (on my computer) have
all the last images highlighted and the LAST image outlined. This will
result in an offset in the bulk sequenced renaming, in which the last
file in the folder receives the lowest number, the top file receives
the next number and then the rest follow from there. An easy way to be
sure you have the TOP image outlined is to first click on the BOTTOM
image in the list, then SHift key and click on the TOP image second.
This outlines the top image, and your trick of renumbering the files in
the custom-ordered sequence works.

One odd thing - I was not able to get the system to renumber images
starting with anything other than the number 1. Your example of the
name starting name Christmas (1001) resulted in the following

(first file) Christmas (2)
(second file) Christmas (3)
(last file) Christmas (1001)

This was not a big problem for me, as incrementing by one starting with
teh number 1 was perfectly fine. But others might want to know what
went wrong here...