Re: Vista32: dvd playback degraded?

I'm honestly not aware of any crippling of DVD quality signals. I
remember reading somewhere about commercial DVD's content protection but
that was, if I remember correctly, through HDMI cables.

Monitors need drivers too.

But the thing is...DVD format is pretty straight forward signal to push
through to the monitor. I wish I still had my old CRT monitor to do a
test but considering I creat DVD's as a hobby and watch a fair bit of
Commercial DVD's on my PC (when the Mrs wants to watch something else) I
can;t detect any degredation. In fact I am considering lowering the LCD
monitor resolution for a clearer picture as I have it set higher than
standard DVD resolution.

My TV's DVD player can upscale SD DVD's to 1080p (albiet not ideal) to
minimise pixilation.

One of things I miss about XP is setting profiles in Vista (I don't
really need the internet while editing video for e.g.)

I know you hate messing with drivers but I do have to ask if you have
Vista drivers installed for your Monitor?

I have to admit though that some DVD players software) are better than
others, and that has something to do with codec algorithyms (sic) WinDVD
9 for Vista I swear gives me a better picture

Paul;930997 Wrote:
Thank you for answering. No, the 2 operating systems are completely
independent including drivers. The question was, is Vista doing any
degrading of standard dvd playback on purpose? I know I have already
some content protection since media player refuses to play dvds at all
my system due to my generic crt/hdtv monitors, I have to use vlc. Just
to know how far this extends.

I run dual boot since I have a lot of old stuff I don't want to move
to vista like photoshop and autocad. The xp system is very crufted up
and vista runs visual studio really fast. After a couple weeks of work
got vista stable to the point where I could play dvds in clone mode and
beyondtv acceptably well, but the dvd playback is jaggy like I said. It
really hard since vista won't play nice with one of my monitors. Since
system is stable, I don't want to experiment with new nvidia drivers
there is documentation that they address my specific problem.

Hi Paul,

Sorry but I get the impression you know how to get around a PC and
pretty set idea of what's wrong and no amount of advice will convince
you. yet you expect us to answer a problem on not really enough
technical information from yourself.

I can only give a gut feeling from the informatiion you have given
I suspect that since you are dual booting/Virtual PC between XP and
Vista it's possible, and I don;t know exactly how you have set things
up, your Vista is running XP codecs if that latter were installed

You can check which codecs you are running easily enough but don't go
installing heaps of codec packs willy nilly!

Also, you are running a standard definition DVD on a HD monitor. It's
possible XP is doing a better job at upscaling the video but
have no idead what you have or have not installed on your PC.

I'm sure you have a decent enough reason why you want to run two
Operating Systems but my Vista 64 bit has run lots of my old programs
with no problems.

Paul;930786 Wrote:> > > > >
There is no basis for trusting any tech support. They tend to read
Without a schematic for the electronics, data sheets on all the
parts, full
source code for windows and the drivers you don't have anything
reliable to
go on. No technical documentation of details is available from any
so we are all just making guesses about what's inside the black box.
situation is so complex now that I don't think there are even 10
people in
the world qualified to give a truly informed opinion. Tech support
oriented to getting rid of you and moving on to the next call.
Many times installing new drivers damages the OS installation,
the user, and doesn't fix anything, especially if the problem is
'by-design'. However getting a straight answer on what 'design' is
practically impossible. The uninstallers for windows video drivers
generally a disgrace as well.> > > >


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