Re: mp3 cd won't play in car

According to your heading and your post, it appears that you do not know the
dfference between mp3 and audio files.

WMP can easily create audio cd's that are useable in car cd players. I do
it all the time.

This appears to be a user problem and not a Vista problem.

Vista is an operating system which allows software such as WMP to integrate
with the hardware. If you have a problem creating audio CD's you should be
looking at the software that converts the MP3 to audio or the hardware

Your post name, "VistaIsTickingMe Off", suggests that you would better serve
yourself by reading a thick book on how Vista and its features work so you
won't get confused by such simple tasks as creating an audio CD.
oscar :)

....Right click is your very good friend...

"VistaIsTickingMeOFF" wrote:

You said it, I cannot believe Microsoft would stoop so low, this I am
sure was by design... you know MP3 was not their format to begin with so
why support this going forward.... I paid more for their new OS Cause I
was told it would do more and now I am getting less... Like to see this
one in their Mojave Experiment...LOL I sure hope they learned a lesson,
other wise this PC user will soon become a MAC user!:mad:

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