Re: Issues With Vista/Sound Card

Clevo;929635 Wrote:
MervR;929594 Wrote:
Clevo;929448 Wrote:
You work in The industry and have had Vista for a year and you are only
discoverint this now?

For recording and Archiving and distribution (syndication) Netia is the
industry standard. (if you have the budget).

Audacity, a popular free software, works on Vista and you can get
around Vista's recording "what you hear" problem. But if you work in the
industry you would appreciate this is the inferior way to record for
archiving or re-broadcast. You are allowing to much line noise.

Invest in a Sound card...

Hi Clevo,
I'm not the guy who initiated the first query. I have only just
bought my laptop and discovered the problem within minutes. I've
been searching for a fix for over a week.
You're the first person I've come across who has indicated that
there might be a way of overcoming Vista's "What You Here" issue.
How can it be done.
I'm using Adobe Audition, a program that is used extensively in
Community Radio where bugets are limited. In order to "bounce" one
track to another in a multitracking format, it is essential to be
able to record the sound you are hearing on playback. This doesn't
seem possible with Vista.
I'll be happy if you can tell me how to get the old "Stereo Mix"
control or something similar into Vista.
MervR> >

Sorry Merv if I came across huffy.... You can indeed get around the
record "what you hear" with Audacity

Try Audacity and the link is to one of their FAQ's

'Audacity: Can Audacity record RealAudio or other streaming audio?'

Try this and see if it works for you.
go to, control panel (classic view) - sound - recording tab - right
click in the white area - select 'show disabled devices' - right click
on stereo mix - select 'enable'
now you can use any progam you like e.g. audacity to record
what you hear.