Re: Issues With Vista/Sound Card

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CSCulwellV1;596244 Wrote:
I bought my laptop, featuring windows vista, about a year ago. During
time, I have noticed two things I could do on my older computer that
had XP
but can't do on Vista. (a) I cannot listen to anything I record into my
computer while recording it. I have to record, then listen back. (b) I
record anything that is playing on my computer.

- How to enable Wave Out recording in XP en Vista

XP - If you've ever tried to record streaming audio in Windows, like a Skype call or a webcast, you may be aware of a simple setting that allows you to record any sound playing through your computer's sound card. All you have to do is:

Select your sound properties through the control panel or the sound icon in your system tray.

Click on the properties tab.

Check the recording box.

Make sure Wave Out Mix is selected (It's sometimes called stereo mix, or mono mix).

Now you should be able to set Wave Out as your default for recordings made by Audacity or other audio recording programs.

Vista - But, if you try the same trick with Windows Vista, you won't see an option for Wave Out Mix. It's not that the option's been left out of Vista, Microsoft just decided to hide it.

Select sound from the control panel.

Select the recording tab.

Right click on the background of the tab and choose "show disabled devices."

Right click on Wave Out Mix (Stereo Mix) and click enable.

Now it should work the same way as Wave Out Mix in Windows XP, allowing you to record any sound your computer makes.