Re: Issues With Vista/Sound Card

You work in The industry and have had Vista for a year and you are only
discoverint this now?

For recording and Archiving and distribution (syndication) Netia is the
industry standard. (if you have the budget).

Audacity, a popular free software, works on Vista and you can get
around Vista's recording "what you hear" problem. But if you work in the
industry you would appreciate this is the inferior way to record for
archiving or re-broadcast. You are allowing to much line noise.

Invest in a Sound card...

CSCulwellV1;596244 Wrote:
I bought my laptop, featuring windows vista, about a year ago. During
time, I have noticed two things I could do on my older computer that
had XP
but can't do on Vista. (a) I cannot listen to anything I record into my
computer while recording it. I have to record, then listen back. (b) I
record anything that is playing on my computer.

I read somewhere about copyright issues or something, but I work in the
radio business, so I use my laptop for audio recording all the time.
When you
are recording an hour or longer broadcast for re-airing or for archive
purposes, it really sucks if the audio doesn't record right, something
fix if you were able to here it during recording. Does anybody know
anyway to
fix this problem?


Windows Vista Home Premium x64 + SP1
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
Realtek HD onboard sound

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