Re: Want to re-order pictures in a folder

John Inzer;770424 Wrote:
FastFreddy wrote:-
I wish to order image files in a folder in a certain way (ie not
alphabetic or chronologic). I can drag and drop pictures into the
preferred order, but I am not sure how to ensure the permanence of
that re-ordering. Also, I would like to be able to copy these images
(in there new order) to either a new folder or to a CD. Can someone
please tell me how I can do these things in Vista?-
Once you have the images in the order you
prefer...renaming the files using numbers
should insure that they remain in the same

You can rename in a batch if you don't mind
losing your file names. Just select all and right
click the first image...from the menu...choose...

If you enter...
Christmas (1001).jpg

The remaining filenames will follow sequence
Christmas (1002).jpg
Christmas (1003).jpg
Christmas (1004).jpg

If you wish to add the numbers and retain the
file can add the numbers manually
at the beginning of the name:

(1001) ADB.jpg
(1002) JHK.jpg
(1003) LGF.jpg

The freeware IrfanView can batch number your
files and retain the file names:

'Download IrFanView 4.23 Free Graphic Viewer -'
(get the plug-ins too)
'Download IrFanView 4.22 Graphic Viewer PlugIns -'

Begin by opening Irfanview and go to...File /
Batch Conversion / Rename / Batch Rename.

I would suggest that you make a new folder and
add s *copies* of several image files to experiment
with. Open this folder in IrfanView.


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Thanks for the suggestions John. I tried your first bit of advice
about renaming in Vista folder, as it would be all that I need.
However, I ran into some interesting behavior. The renaming of a group
of files ordered to my preference (and with your instructions) resulted
in the following: The file at the END of the list received the number
I placed between the parentheses (say the number 1001). The other
files in the list received numbers starting with 2 and running
sequentially from there. Note, the files themselves did not change
position in the listing of thumbnails. Any idea what I could be doing

Btw, it seems that the ONLY way I can rearrange the ordering of files
in a folder is to do it from the thumbs viewing - if I view from a list
or detailed list, the system automatically orders these alphabetically
by filename.