An Error is Preventing this Slide Show from Playing

Thanks Blackbird, I changed the Energy Settings as you directed and the
Screen Saver (slide show) appears to be working fine.
Thank you for your help,

"Boblink" <Boblink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
I,m not quite sure what your suggesting Blackbird? If I Turn Off the Sleep
function, then the system will not go to sleep (hibernation) and hence the
Slide Show will never appear (since the system will be "awake" all the

We're talking here about a screensaver not about sleeping mode, aren't we?
Hard to give you advice in English since I have the Dutch Vista, but I'll
try (?=doubtful translation)
Go to Control Panel >Personal Adjustments(?)>Screen Safety (?) and choose
your slide show as the screensaver. Now choose one of the Energy Settings
and change it to:
Turn off screen: Never
Put computer to sleep: Never
That will do the trick.