Re: Blury pictures when watching large res panoramas in slideshow

"Trond Erik" <TrondErik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht news:8E37D6B8-CE07-4DE6-8443-F43BF87ECD23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Blackbird" wrote:

Better make a slideshow with Irfanview (free download), the Vista slideshow
is of poor quality, don't know why.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would still I still like to have the
screensaver show large res panoramas correctly. It is really beutiful to
display all our photograpgs on the TV when we're not using it, but it get a
bit ruined when panoramas are shown.

Trond Erik

You may try to superimpose the panorama on a (black) 4:3 base layer and save it as a new file. I did that trick on a 4:3 base with a width of 1920 pixels (full HD) for projection on widescreen LCD tv.


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