Re: Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard

I have found a resolution to the quick renaming issue. You still have
to use the regular Vista import function, but then create folders for
each group of photos you want to name similarly, e.g. "20081231 Sarah's
Birthday" and put all the pictures relating to that event in the folder.
Then, use CTL+A to select all files in the folder and right click on
the first message in the file name area and select "Rename". Type your
file name in the first box and it will rename all selected files with a
number in parenthesis following each file name. It's the only
workaround I've come up with, and just recently. This was one of my big
beefs with Vista as well. I hope this is helpful!

PS - I don't know what a quote button is so I can't use it. Not trying
to have improper posting etiquette, just ignorant. Sorry about that.