Re: Windows Movie Maker does not Publish all of video using .WMV f

Uhm, I compiled the movie with multiple clips. There are about 49 clips in
the entire video all of which are .wmv files. It plays all the way up to
about 38 seconds then cuts to black in the published version, but runs
perfect in the project maker. It plays a quarter way through the 12th clip.

I don't Know if i answered your question. :S

"zachd [MSFT]" wrote:

What are the properties of the certain clip? Is it one particular clip... ?

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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The video runs nicely until it hits a certain clip and then it goes black.
used .WMV files for the entire clip. I read the file type compatibility
articles. According to them, this should publish. I have constantly had
issues with Windows Movie Maker Vista, but these sort of problems do not
occur with Windows Movie Maker XP. I have always used the same file types
while publishing. I know my movie maker is not publishing all my files,
because it only takes 3 minutes to publish on Vista opposed to an hour
XP. What should i do?