Re: Windows Movie Maker @ 60FPS, is it possible?

You might want to try Windows Media Encoder instead. You can change the frame rate.

Here is what its help file says about it.

"Frame rate. Type the frames per second (fps) for the video stream. The amount that you adjust this value to depends on the speed of your computer processor and whether you are encoding high-motion or low-motion video. High-motion video generally looks smoother if you use a higher frame rate, but a higher frame rate increases the amount of work the processor must perform. The setting you specify represents the maximum fps. Depending on factors such as the video size setting and available bandwidth, the actual fps you achieve might be lower. "

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Hi guys, i was just wondering if its possible to change the codec on
windows movie maker and have 60fps on the output video, i do a lot of
gaming and encode a lot of videos, i have noticed that the output file
can only be encoded to 29.97fps on NTSC and PAL is 25fps, since we are
in the HD age of technology, most high definition signals broadcast at
60fps or more (in some cases upto 100fps), any help of aftermarket
codecs i can get for WMM?


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