Capture device error Bad Pool Header and BSOD

My Dazzle Pinnacle capture device won't work. Pinnacle doesn't offer any tech
support for it and so far, I haven't found a fix on the Forum.
Can anyone help? I deleted the drivers folder, downloaded and installed (32 bit) for my dvc 170 capture device to use on Vista. When I
click on the electronic unplug icon and check the driver properties, I have
version March 8, 2006 even though I just installed it yesterday
(Dec 26, 2008). I move through the software to the point where I want to
Capture, in pinnacle software, then I still get the Blue Screen of death with
the Bad Pool Header message. I also have Windows Movie Maker and Adobe. When
I use those, The computer doesn't shut down, but I still cannot capture from
a Camcorder or VCR/DVD. I've had the capture device almost a year and have
spent many hours trying to get it to work. It's very disappointing that
Pinnacle doesn't offer any phone, email, or live chat support for something
that is still under warranty, but has never worked. Anyone's help is very
much appreciated! Thanks Larry