Re: wmm to avi, cant do it

cecilia wrote:
I cant burn a DVD when i click on publish a movie. the DVD option is
not there. i do have a dvd burner and it works ik.

can you pls tell me how can i copie the movies i made on wmm to a DVD
so i can watch them on a tv?

If you are running Vista Home Premium or Ultimate...
read the following article...specifically:
"To publish and burn a movie to a DVD"
Windows Vista -
Publish a movie in
Windows Movie Maker

If need DVD Authoring software. First
you must Publish your Movie Maker video to
a folder on your hard drive and then import it into
the DVD authoring software.

Here are two freebies or you may want to purchase
Nero, Roxio, ULead or other DVD Authoring software.

DVD Flick

Be sure to read the Guide:

More info:

DVD Flick Tutorial

Burn Any PC Video Format into DVD

To create a basic Video DVD that should play in a free
standing DVD player...try the following...

Good luck. the DVD Flick Guide to familiarize yourself
with the program.

Open DVD Flick and insert a blank DVD in your burner.

If your computer's Autoplay window opens....just close it.

Click the Project Settings button and go to...Video /
Target format...residents of USA...choose...NTSC /

Left click the Add title button and browse to your
Movie Clips and select the ones you want on the DVD.

You can arrange them by selecting one and then use
the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Left click the Create DVD button / OK / Yes / Yes.

Wait while the DVD is created.

When the text "Finished Successfully" appears you
may close DVD Flick. Now you can eject your DVD
and play it in your DVD player.

At some point you may wish to purchase more
advanced software like Nero, Roxio, Ulead, etc...but
at least this is a start.

Free Videos To DVD / Free Video Converter

Burn Your Photo Stories to DVD for Free
using Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows


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Digital Media Experience

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