Re: Problem With Video

Thank you so much. That's an easy problem to solve and inexpensive too! LOL!

"Curious" <mailmenot@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23COq904ZJHA.4072@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It works on a hard surface because the laptop has four feet to keep it elevated over a hard surface.
"Lisa" <noone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uk7Iqg4ZJHA.1188@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Really? Well thanks so much. I'll try putting it on a hard surface.

"Curious" <mailmenot@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:e4kFTN4ZJHA.556@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
That's your problem since the laptop in on your soft lap all or almost all of the vents which have fans to suck air into the computer which are located on the laptops bottom are blocked. Take a look and you will see them
"Lisa" <noone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uh39M92ZJHA.3496@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
When I watch movies, it's sitting on my lap; not a hard surface. I don't see any dust in the vents but I vacuumed just in case. Could I need a more powerful graphics card? My laptop is only 7 mos old.

"Curious" <mailmenot@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eHW4W12ZJHA.412@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well as long as your laptop is sitting on a hard surface so it can always have ventilation and if you do not see dust collected on the bottom vents then it is probably not a ventilation problem. If there is dust on the vents such it out with a vacuum cleaner,
"Lisa" <noone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:u0DrUu2ZJHA.2084@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
How could I determine if it's ventilation?

"Curious" <mailmenot@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OxQyxq2ZJHA.1352@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you still have audio then your laptop is not freezing up just your graphics card is freezing up.
Is there any possibility that your laptop is overheating due to lack of adequate ventilation through the vents on the bottom?
"Lisa" <noone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2482B394-1CA6-492C-A5E5-5402C8CC357B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm having a problem watching videos. About an hour into a movie, I lose the video. My laptop freezes up and my screen goes black, although I still have audio. I have to power it down and then restart Windows normally. I have NVIDIA GeForce GO 7150 graphics w. 1071 mb shared video. It is set to "Let 3D Application Decide". Can anyone tell me what I need to do to stop these abnormal shutdowns?

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