Re: Audio aout of sync on burned DVD...

It depends what kind is this video.

If this is MPEG4 then it is clear, you have to split audio and video, encode
video to MPEG2 and mux it on dvd with audio.
If it is MPEG2 then you probably replaced your mpeg2 encoder with some sort
of excrement, I am not sure.

I usually encode mpeg2 "manually" since Microsoft appz are very inflexible
on settings.

"SammyBar" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> pí¹e v diskusním pøíspìvku

Hi all,

I'm testing Windows Media Center. I recorded a tv show. The recorded
shows looks great using both windows media player and windows media
center. Then I burned a DVD from the recorded show. All made from
inside Windows Media Center. When playing the resulting DVD on a
comercial DVD player the audio is out of sync from the video. What is
I have find a lot of deep technical information on how to fix such a
problem, but from the perspective of a non-technician user it is all
senseless. It is not possible it is so difficult to get done such a
simple task. Is it a problem of my Vista/Media Center misconfiguration
or it is really so difficult to burn a decent DVD?

Any hint is welcomed
Thanks in advance