Re: DVD Maker - No Audio on DVD's Produced

Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker are extremely lame applications.
It is not possible to set there the bitrate you need, and profiles that are
there are ridiculous.

Yesterday I tried to encode something and the result was terrible, it just
destroy your videos.
What I find extremely gigalame that DVD Maker is reencoding mpeg2.

It is a pitty because menus that are produced by DVD maker are very nice.

"Itchy Fingers" <peterjcoe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> pí¹e v diskusním pøíspìvku
I don't know if anyone has experienced this or has any ideas as to a
resolution, but I've made a movie in Movie Maker V6, exported it to the
harddrive in various forms with satisfactory results. I then burn the
DVD using DVD Maker and whilst the video element is good theres absolutely

As I said the original video is complete both within Movie Maker and on
hard drive.

I have access to Nero 8, which does not have the correct Codex for Video
DVD's and produced a smaller VCD without problem.

I am running Vista Ultimate with SP1.