Re: Movie Maker Not Functioning


I guess you bought 3ivx codec so you should ask the manufacturer why it's not working.
Otherwise you could try xvid to decode, it was working for my sister.

The link is
This codec should work with your t0rrent d0wnl0adz with0out pr0bz.

Honestly Stacey, don't you think you should prepare stuff for Christmas, turkey, cookies and so on, rather than reencode pirated content?

"Stacey" <sl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> píše v diskusním příspěvku news:0D09F0AE-F8AE-45A9-9D99-0D99A48A1A01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Trek - I have been following this conversation because I have a similar
issue. I just get an "unspecified error" when I try to upload videos from my
hardrive (.AVI files). The response I got from the GSpot was:
Render OK. The following filters -
(Src)-->>--(A)-->[AVI Splitter]>--(B)-->[3ivx D4 Video
Decoder]>--(C)-->[Video Renderer ] (Src)-->>--(A)-->[AVI
Splitter]>--(B)-->[ACM Wrapper]>--(C)-->[Default DirectSound Device ]

These don't look "strange" to me - do they look okay to you?

I have wondered if Movie Maker is not working because I quite downloading
Vista Updates after multiple problems. Could I be missing something that is
causing the problem?


"Trek" wrote:

Then it is clear. You have some sort of Ligos software that hacked into your

You replaced your Microsoft MPEG2 decoder with Ligos decoder. As I said
Microsoft applications do not like non Microsoft decoders.

Solution is simple disable Ligos MPEG Video Decoder and in GSpot there shoud
appear Microsoft decoder.