Linksys DMA210 extender connection problems

Hi all,

Please help, totally new to this sort of thing

Recently bought the above item and have been trying now for over a week
to get my pc with vista home premium to recognise it on my wireless
In media center I keep getting the same response
"extender not found,
setup could not find your extender,verify the following,
your extender is on and connected to the same network as this computer
your setup key is correct
your firewall is set up to allow upnp discovery"

I have managed (according to the event viewer) to successfully
configure the pc for use with the extender, the extender tells me its
connected to my network although I cannot download the latest updates on
it as it tells me there is a connection problem, I cannot see the
extender when I open network sharing center "view computers and devices"

I'm using a Belkin (N) wireless modem router connected by cable into my
pc, I have a squeezebox working perfectly well on my wireless network
which can pick up internet radio and access my music files perfectly

I have Norton 360, which I've tried with the firewall, on ,off,
completely uninstalled, windows firewall, on, off ,which is configured
for use with media extenders. Network discovery is on.

I think I may have done something wrong somewhere but can't see it at
all, anyone throw any light on this as I would really like to get this
set up for xmas.

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