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So what command line is the hyperlink handing to the player? What's the exact command line that the excel link is trying to run?

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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not sure if this can be fixed short of a fresh restore of Vista but...

I have several video files on my computer. After a while I got tired
of scrolling through them and made an excel file that listed the title
and various details about each file and then hyperlinked the title cell
to the video file. This was working great until the other day when a
friend sent me a file that (supposedly) had two audio tracks. After
messing around with WMP for a while and not getting it to switch audio
tracks, I installed Realmedia alternative as that boasted the ability to
switch audio tracks. It didn't work either so I unistalled it. Then WMP
wouldn't play ANY of the video files. Microsoft support site suggested
deleting the wmsdkns.xml file. It worked.....kind of. Now when I click
my hyperlink in excel WMP starts but does not play the file If I open
the folder and click the file manually it plays no problem.

so um... WTF??

P.S. have uninstalled /re-installed all my codecs etc...

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