Re: Songs won't shuffle during sync with wmp11

Thanks for the reply zach. I drag the songs I want to sync to the right
"sync area" and I click shuffle now, or something to that effect. The songs
suffieciently shuffle as veiwed in the list on the right side of WMP11.

Then I click the "Sync" button at the bottom and a new window appears with
all the songs listed in the ORIGINAL order as when I dragged them to the sync
window. Syncing has begun by now, and I can no longer shuffle the songs in
this window.

The songs are coming from a WHS box so perhaps after "shuffling", I am not
waiting long enough for the files to actually "move around"? Not sure.

BTW, the songs appear (are copied to) on the device in the order they were
synced...i.e., NOT shuffled.

"zachd [MSFT]" wrote:

Which order are you referring: the files that are copied to the device, are
*how* the files are listed on the device?

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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"Keith" <Keith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello. Odd issue that is irritating to me. I use an 8gb USB flash drive
sync to for mobile listening. I always hit the "Shuffle Now" dialog
syncing, but the "shuffle" never "sticks". When I push "sync", the songs
revert back to the original order (which invariably is sorted by artist).
Very frustrating minor issue.

BTW, I am using the 64bit version. Not sure if it actually works any
than the 32bit on my Vista Ultimate box, but read somewhere how to make
64 bit the "default" so I did.

Any suggestions? Revert back to 32 bit and see if it has the problem?
Anything else?