Re: Movie Maker Not Functioning

Ok since I am in a good shape I tried to reproduce your problem and found
that for example AVerMedia MPEG Video Decoder is doing this.

Do you have Aver software?

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The drag'n drop operation is not working because video is decoded by not correct codec I guess.
I had exacly the same situation in dvd maker, I dragged there video and nothing happened.

What I see extremely lame is that there is no message, it is just not doing anything.
I accredit this situation to Microsoft programmers, it seems that got fat and lazy to create notification dialog boxes.

Solution is to disable that bad codec and voila ...

Also do not install zillions of codecs for one type of video. The problem is if you install some software (e.g. Nero) the installer
puts in the system zillions of Nero codecs that become "primary" and e.g. dvd maker is not working with Nero codecs.

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Thanks! I did what you suggested and it fixed the problem of importing
videos. But WMM still will not let me drag video to the Timeline or

Any ideas why?