Re: Movie Maker Not Functioning


these symptoms are exactly codec clashes. It is quite annoying to diagnose which codes is doing this.
Have you installed some softwares between the time it was working and now?

I.e. you probably installed some codecs and now instead of working one the bad one is loading
on decoding video.

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I have used WMM successfully before. But recently in trying to produce a
video project, it just stopped working. It first stopped allowing me to
drag videos and pictures to the Timeline OR the Storyboard. Now, in
addition to this, it crashes as I try to Import more than one video.

I have Vista Home Premium. I have no idea what, if any, programs might
be interfering with WMM. I used the Roxio program (Video Wave) for the
last project I did, but it doesn't have some features I want that are in

Does anyone know what I can do? Is there some way to reinstall or
restore WMM?