Re: Windows DVD Maker fails at 99%

If you give a loaded codec a query request and it explodes upon you, it's
kind of the codec that's broken. Your comment implies that DVD Maker should
be psychic and know what broken codecs people would install to their systems
that it should never ever use, which may be somewhat unrealistic.

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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"Trek" <trecicek_no_spam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
PS: and Windows DVD Maker and other applications can be easily devastated
by installing codecs in the system.
Just DVD Maker is very sensible and not robust.

"Trek" <trecicek_no_spam@xxxxxxxxxx> pí¹e v diskusním pøíspìvku

with similar unstable applications the best is to burn stuff in virtual
cd (software pretending cd/dvd/blue ray of your selection) - e.g. app
VirtualCD :-)
You "burn" the things to the iso image and then this image to real media
with some reliable software.

"madkingsoup" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> pí¹e v diskusním pøíspìvku

Every time I try to burn a DVD using Windows DVD Maker, I get a failure
at 99%.

The status window is at "Finishing Disc. Please wait. 99.0%"
The error window simply states "Cannot create the DVD. An error
occurred when burning the DVD."
Screengrab: 'DVDMakerError.jpg - Windows Live'

I also get two error reports. I can't find anything when Googling
The Dvd Maker engine returned an error code (-2147220992) when burning
the disc.
Dvd Maker returned an error code (0x80040200) when burning the disc.

I get this error whether I use a blank disc or a RW disc. Incidentally,
if I use a RW disc, the original data is still there after the failure,
so it's not even trying to write it.

And a final point - Roxio has no trouble performing the same burn with
the same data.

I hope someone knows what to do to correct this...