Re: Windows DVD Maker fails at 99%


with similar unstable applications the best is to burn stuff in virtual cd (software pretending cd/dvd/blue ray of your selection) - e.g. app VirtualCD :-)
You "burn" the things to the iso image and then this image to real media with some reliable software.

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Every time I try to burn a DVD using Windows DVD Maker, I get a failure
at 99%.

The status window is at "Finishing Disc. Please wait. 99.0%"
The error window simply states "Cannot create the DVD. An error
occurred when burning the DVD."
Screengrab: 'DVDMakerError.jpg - Windows Live'

I also get two error reports. I can't find anything when Googling
The Dvd Maker engine returned an error code (-2147220992) when burning
the disc.
Dvd Maker returned an error code (0x80040200) when burning the disc.

I get this error whether I use a blank disc or a RW disc. Incidentally,
if I use a RW disc, the original data is still there after the failure,
so it's not even trying to write it.

And a final point - Roxio has no trouble performing the same burn with
the same data.

I hope someone knows what to do to correct this...