Re: Vista MCE Recorded videos - 704x480

Thanks.. That's what I've read however I don't buy it.. Lot's of
speculation and theories but no offical word about this.. The file size is
nowhere near what would be required to record 1 hour of HD content.. I
believe MCE is downconverting the recordings to SD. I get 2GB for 1 hour of
video and this is consistent with 480p recordings.. Unless Microsoft steps
up and addresses this issue I'm going to conclude that MCE is incapable of
recording HD content.. TiVo, BTW, looks fantastic... except it takes a very
long time to get the content from the TiVo to the PC.. But the quality is
much better than MCE so far..


"Curious" wrote:

AFAIK it is a bug in the creation of the file properties the creation of
which were apparently never updated since the first release of MC.
"Bryan" <Bryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've just recently started toying with MCE and have discovered an issue
appears to be widely reported on the internet but no one has a answer or

I have an Avermedia HC82 Express Card ATSC tuner. It works well with
I am receiving HD content via OTA Broadcast antenna. I have a newer
laptop, wsxga display, Core2Duo processor, 4GB ram..

When I record a show, which works fine, but then look at the file
of the recording it always says 704x480. This is not HD.

I've been through the MCE settings many times and my monitor is set to the
laptop display WSXGA (1680x1050) and the recording quality is set to BEST.
The content I am receiving is HD and it looks great however the recorded
videos are not. One hour of video is 2GB.. (another indicator this is
HD ).. I expect 1 hour of 720p or 1080i content to be around 5GB. Most
posts I've found agree with this.

Most references to this problem I've found state this is a bug with
and that the videos are not actually 704x480 but that there's a problem
how Windows reports the video resolution of it's own recordings. But
is no real definitive answer to this yet and no information in MSFT's KB
surprising) about this problem.. 2GB file for 1 hour video is not HD
quality and is more in line with the 704x480 resolution being reported.

Why doesn't Windows MCE record in true HD? How can I get MCE to record
true HD?

I have a HD TiVo and when I transfer HD recordings to my PC using TiVo
desktop, one hour of 1920x1080 content is 5GB..

I had planned to scrap my TiVO and go with a MCE/Extender solution but
this bug I am reluctant to rely on MCE to be honest with me.. ;)