Re: live tv stutter

If playing of LiveTV can not keep up with broadcast rate of the program due to your concurrently running of a CPU intensive application on a single CPU system what do you expect it to do? It can't tell the broadcaster to stop broadcasting.
You can check to insure that your graphics card and audio drivers are the latest from the vendors Website,
You can try pausing the program for 20-30 seconds and then let it start playing again so that interruptions due to other applications are minimized.
"Pale Pinguin" wrote in message news:20081210144914palepinguin@xxxxxxxxxxxx
I fixed the problem on my laptop by turning of the automatic WLAN connection search. It doesn't show in the performance graphs, but it does eat up your CPU capacity for a second or fraction of a second and messes up your signal. Everytime either the sound or images go out of sync, Windows Media Center makes no effort of syncing them again and still eats a lot of your CPU power: the more resources you have, the more it seems to use. So every little upset is immediately reflected in the viewing experience. Even with lower specs than the one I have on my laptop it can still run. It doen't seem like a hardware problem in my case, but a software problem in Media Center and requires a software solution.