Re: Saving pictures from Outlook 2007 in Vista

Its an Office 2007 problem. But when I saw the post I thought I would
reply anyway.
You can copy and paste the pic, but it wont work for animated gifs.

Curious;1097024 Wrote:
If you select Copy can't you past it wherever you want it.
Are you sure this is a Vista issue an not a Office 2007 issue?
"RedDevil" <RedDevil.3k2b4e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

DiFa;230783 Wrote:
When i right click on a picure within an email, I do not get the
dialogue I am used to in XP. It just says copy. How to I save an
image from
an email???

You cant do it. It was removed as an option for some strange reason.
If you want to save the pics then simply save the whole email as
to your desktop or somewhere you can find it. And it will then create
folder with all the pics in it. Just move the pics to where ever you
want them.

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