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PapaJohn \(MVP\);900960 Wrote:
yes, I've been following them for over 3 years and pretty actively use

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I take it you are a member there then? mind you I doubt my silly
things will give any enjoyment, as its only likely to be small
movies of my games in action, I just thought that as I am hopeless at
games, it might make a few people laugh :olol

I'm preparing something at the moment, but its nothing special as I
by no means a pro lol more like a silly little oik lol :o

Hope to see you also there yes

Jekyll and Hyde ;)

Jekyll and Hyde



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I managed to put a test clip on Vimeo, but I had to convert a VOB file
to AVI but got a message right in the middle of the clip about
unregistered..........this is because I had to download another program
called "iSofter DVD Platinum", I thought it was a free program but no
and therefore the message appears, it seems that I end up going from one
program that does one thing and then find out that another program is
needed to do this and then another and the cycle seems neverending lol

'Haegemonia Explosion on Vimeo' (

It seems as if there are no free programs for converting movie files,
either that or I am dense :o

Jekyll and Hyde ;)

Jekyll and Hyde


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