Re: WMV file won't play correctly

Note that Shark's pack deliberately installs VERY old very broken Windows Media components. If you're having problems on a system with that, I'm not surprised. At one point that might have been good, but -- things change.

The CCCP pack is the only one that I know of that's actually sane-ish.

Speaking for myself only.
See for some helpful WMP info.
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'CodyG [Windows Team Wrote:
Hi, my name's Cody, and I'm working with the Windows Media Outreach
Team to help answer questions folks might have about their copies of
Windows Media Player.

Oscar's right. . .a system restore might be a great way to quickly fix
the issue. However,if your issue does involve codecs there's a few ways
to solve it. Instead of just randomly downloading codec packs with the
hope that one of them works, I'd recommend downloading a codec tool that
will analyze your particular video file and tell you exactly what
codec(s) you'll need to play the files.

Here are a couple of free tools that will do this for you: Gspot
('GSpot Codec Information Appliance' (
and Sherlock ('SHERLOCK - The Codec Detective - FREE Codec Check
Checking Utility!'
( Both of these
work great, and using these on your particular file will tell you what
codecs you need to get a file running properly, without making you
download anything that you don't need.

You two also might want to check out this page: 'Using codecs'
It's a great guide to codecs that Microsoft has made available.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if any of these work for you, or if
Oscar's advice got your problem solved! If you're still having trouble,
I'll dig around and see if something else might work.


Windows Media Outreach Team

Hi Cody and thank you for your reply.

I've tested the WMV file on a different computer and it played
correctly (e.g., smoothly without jumpy frames).
I've removed all the codecs I've installed (I have a fresh install of
Vista64) and all the Microsoft Visual C++ components related to it. I
used CCleaner to remove any leftovers.

I then downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 from Microsoft Vista
and installed the latest Codecs from 'Developer page - Shark007 -
(*'Vista Codec
Package 5.0.3 by Shark007' (

*I played the file once more and the problem persists. I used MV2Player
and it played correctly. So for now I made it my default player for WMV

'' (** *