DVD Maker Fails 98.9%


I'm hoping this is the best place to ask this question...

I#m using DVD maker on Vista Ultimate to burn a DVD from a WMV file created
using Movie Maker.

The encoding seems to work but once it reaches 98.9% (burning phase) it
fails and spits out the DVD. If I examine the DVD then it has created a
folder with a series of .VOB files. The DVD will actually play in media
player on my computer but it is not recognised as a DVD on my standard DVD
player. I think the reason it plays on media play is because the data has
been transferred but it's not successfully completed whatever steps come
after this to create a proper DVD that would play on my home DVD player.

I have tried playing the movie in DVD maker to make sure it plays ok and it
does. The whole preview functionality seems to work fine.

I have also tried burning one of the sample movies that ships with Vista as
a DVD and this fails too.

So from this I'm pretty sure its nothing wrong with my WMV movie that movie
maker created.

I've checked the event log and there is an error but no real information to
help decipher the problem. I've searched all over the internet and it seems
lots of people have this probem but I haven't found a resolution yet...

Any help would be much appreciated.