Re: Vista Problems with JPGs

I am a little weary of posting this here since I don't know if we frown
upon resurrecting old posts and/or even if my problem is relevant with
this tone but here we go.

As many of you know, I recently installed Vista premium x64 after a
crash on my old drive, I was able to recoup almost all my important data
and I thought 100% of all the images my wife keeps on the PC. I then
decided to have a Dual Boot with Vista to be able to play my games with

Anyways, a few days or weeks after this episode (crash) my wife started
telling me that some of the pictures and even folders with pictures were
missing (I started doing folders by month/Year to keep track), as
always, I brushed it off as part of her nagging but she kept insisting
on it. She told me that she had even gone picture by picture and she
couldn't find the images.

This weekend, I was on my Vista boot, my screen saver is set to use the
Photo option and I clicked on the Shared Picture Folder that I had set
on my XP boot. The screen saver happened to kick in and my wife happened
to pass by the PC when I hear her screaming, she tells me that she had
seen the images that she had lost.

Long story short, the images are there but with weird names on it
(perhaps when the recovery software I used found them on the DOA
harddrive put some sort of weird name). Feeling a little nicer that day,
I tried going to the shared pictures folder and to find the images and
there they were, but I was not able to open them in Explorer, only on
Large Thumbnails.

The thing is that my wife says (and I didn't check this 100%) that
those images where not on that folder on the XP boot side of things. I
am thinking they were there with the weird names but since she was not
able to open them, she thought they were something else.

Question now is, why is Vista Able to make them viewable in Screen
Saver Mode but not when you double click the file in Explorer? If they
are corrupt, how do I go ahead and fix this?

I use Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 in XP, do you think I can recall
them from it and re save them? I don't want to try for fear of really
botching them.