AVI Codecs that worked for me

Having got a screen capture (video recorder) program and recording video with
it I found the recorded AVI file would not play on Vista WMP11, the sound was
great but no picture. So I tried the same avi file on XP and it showed the
video and played the sound perfectly. As did Nero's showtime on Vista. So I
was then forced to investigate and came to the correct diagnosis of Video
Codec. After hearing of the Vista Codec Package
and K-Lite Pack (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_lite_codec_pack.htm) I
downloaded/installed them but still no luck. I then tried the following:



ffdshow worked fine on its own but not xvid on its own. I
downloaded/installed the two though because of the good compression
(encoding) achieved by the video recorder with both installed. As said,
k-lite and video codecs did nothing for me, whereas I have heard they work
perfectly for other people.

Although in my case I was using a screen recorder, as opposed to having a
normal scenario with WMP11, I hope the above comments help and more precisely
the ffdshow and/or xvid codecs help.

Kind Regards