Re: Import iPod music to Vista

Hi, I wanted to follow up to my post above. I went ahead and bought the
shareware I suggested and tried it out. It has worked and solved my
issue with getting my old library onto my new Dell with Vista. It is
very fast to copy your old library into the utility. But I wasn't able
to do a 'mass' import or import by folder. I had to individually import
-some- of my library by file, probably about a third. It was mostly
compilation CD's, for some reason, like soundtracks or "VH1 Greatest
Hits", etc.

A nice option to have is booting iTunes into safe mode by holding down
as you start iTunes. If your iPod is not plugged into your PC, you can
also halt the sync with the iPod by keeping the keys depressed after
iTunes loads and then plug in the iPod. It's a little tricky to do
solo/one handed but if you brace the iPod against
something, it's a little easier to plug in the cable.


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