Re: USB-Audio Driver (w. BOSE Companion 5)

Hi Guys,

I have done some 'in deep' test , and .... the bose hardware system was
faulty , so I had to return them to manufacturer .... they just work for a
couple of hours ..even for Windows XP ( I have done some test on mu
professional laptop ...) ..

So this this is It for me ... Will come back when they will come back ...

Peter ...

"snowcrash" wrote:

Hi, reviving this as it seems to be the best forum for my query. I'm
planning on getting a Bose Companion 5 but have some MAJOR reservations
given the problems listed above.

The only reason I've NOT completely dropped the idea is because the USB
problem above seems to be on PCs running Vista 64bit. As I'm running
Vista Home Premium 32bit, does that mean this should not be an issue, ie
is it fully compatible under Vista 32bit?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I'm very impressed with the
speakers, but don't want to get them if they're gonna be so incompatible
with Vista....



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