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cecilia wrote:
John, while looking for the answer of my question is that i came
across that same article (the first one you suggested) and there is
where it says that the vista has to be premium or ultimate, and
therefoe i came up with my question.
because when i click publish the video, i do not have an opcion of
"DVD". (only CD, email, etc)

do you know if i can make my proyect a movie on the vista home basic?
or do you know a program which can convert the extention of the MSWMM
to avi or similar?

================================= *Publish* the project...this creates
your .wmv or .avi Movie file and allows you
to save it on your hard drive.

Following the instructions I posted about
Publishing will help you create a .wmv Movie

Windows Vista -
Publish a movie in
Windows Movie Maker

The following link explains about .avi files:

Movie Maker in Vista -
Publishing / Quality Profiles

Once you have the completed .wmv or .avi file
saved on your hard;;have to obtain
DVD Authoring software to create your DVD.

The following free software may be worth a try
for creating your DVD:

DVD Flick

Be sure to read the Guide:

If you have problems downloading DVD Flick...
try the following direct link:

Save the file to a folder on your hard drive and
install from there.


DVD Flick Tutorial

Burn Any PC Video Format into DVD


John Inzer
MS Digital Media MVP

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