Re: WMF/JPEG Thumbnails won't show

pandora wrote:
I am unable to get my hundreds of pieces of wmf & jpeg clipart pieces
to show as thumbnails, only as a generic program file (Usually
Paintbrush). My previous three computers had no problems with the
I have:
- Unchecked "always show as icons.."
- Messed with folder options
- Spent 35 minutes on remote assist with Dell- they say Vista sees
these files as some sort of spyware.
- Done the Vista Forum tutorials for turning thumbnails on/off
- Tried changing the registry

I need to be able to quickly see what all the theumbnails are and not
have to click individually.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Have a look at the following article:

Why can I not view the thumbnails for WMF files
in Vista like I was able to in Windows XP?

You should be able to view your .wmf thumbs
with the freeware IrfanView. Once you have the
program downloaded and installed open it and
go to...File / Thumbnails...(or just type T ) then
browse to the files you wish to view.

IrfanView Graphic Viewer
(get the plug-ins too)

As for the JPEG thumbs...maybe the following
link will be useful:

File association fixes for Windows Vista


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